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Papua New GuineaSling

Product Description

Features of Round Slings Made of Dyneema:

● High strength

● Low elongation

● Light-weight(20%-25% of polyester sling and one eighth of SWR sling in weight)

● High resistance to abrasion, cut, chemical erosion and ultraviolet ageing

● Easy handling, safety, accurate lift-assembly, less damage to objects to be lifted, etc.


Features of Polyester Round Sling:

● Good resistance to corrosions, ultraviolet ageing and abrasion

● Low cost


Applications, especially for slings made of Dyneema

● Port lift e.g. lift of steel coils

● Lift and assembly of rotors of turbines and power generators

● Lift of heavy and precise equipments e.g. chemical reactors

● High-frequency lift operations which need light-weight slings to make it easy to be fulfilled